National Vietnam War Veterans Day

By mmaf_admin


Fifty years have passed since the last combat troops exited Vietnam, marking the end of one of the most divisive eras of modern U.S. history. Vietnam veterans who served their country, sacrificed, and returned home were met not with appreciation, but rather anger and hostility. Many of these veterans went on have families, become leaders in business and government, and used their experiences to ensure that future veterans did not have to endure the same hardships they encountered. Many others were left to struggle with the memories of their time in combat and the shame they felt upon their return to the U.S.

March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. It is a day to commemorate the service of the nearly 3 million American service members who served in Vietnam and to show the appreciation that was not awarded to these brave heroes when they returned home over 50 years ago.

The day is a national opportunity to thank and honor Vietnam veterans and their families for their service and sacrifices for their country. It is also a day to highlight the service of the Armed Forces and the many organizations that supported and still support Vietnam veterans. Finally, it is a day to pay tribute to those who are still listed as missing in action and those who gave their lives on behalf of their country. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

MMAF exists because of lessons learned from Vietnam.  MMAF’s sole mission is to thank Minnesota service members. Thank you to the Vietnam veterans, we honor you on this day.