Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Halland

By mmaf_admin

Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Halland’s Marine Corps career began in 2005 while enlisting as an intelligence operator and analyst; including unique training in Morse code. During his nine years of active service, he served in nine commands, including three deployments with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit. During a deployment to the Philippines in 2005, his unit provided intel for a team of Army Rangers and Green Berets whose mission was to combat local terrorist training camps. This was done while living in bamboo huts in the dense jungle. In 2012, while deployed to Jalalabad, Afghanistan, his Unit was again tasked with providing intel to Army Special Forces. GySgt Halland also had the opportunity to serve as a combat marksmanship instructor, training more than 5,000 Marines and Sailors on their marksmanship skills. Since departing active duty in 2014, GySgt Halland has been serving in a joint intelligence reserve unit as a senior enlisted leader providing time-sensitive support to unit commanders. GySgt Halland was recognized as the 17,000th service member to receive a grant when he accepted his $500 check at MMAF’s Appreciation Dinner on May 3rd.