Petty Officer First Class Michelle McClure

By mmaf_admin

Navy Petty Officer First Class Michelle McClure grew up on a farm in Harmony, Minnesota and served as Petty Officer First Class in the U.S. Navy. With the spirit of a nomad, she joined the Navy in 2007 to see the world and meet people from all walks of life. “I grew up in a great place, but I wanted to see if there was somewhere and something better for me out there. I wanted to serve my country and make a difference in the lives of others,” Michelle said. She was part of a task force to Afghanistan in 2012 where her duties often consisted of working with Afghan forces and fostering good relations with Afghan men and woman. She also spent time at Afghan women’s hospitals working with administrators to ensure they had necessary equipment and materials to care for women and children. MMAF was honored to present Michelle with a $500 grant in October. She will be using it to pay for medical expenses. “I’m thrilled to see that ‘Minnesota Nice’ is alive and well,” Michelle says. She was stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia and has now returned to her Minnesota farm to raise calves and ride horses.