Specialist Ruben Vargas

By mmaf_admin

Specialist Ruben Vargas served as an infantryman on a tour of duty with the Minnesota National Guard’s Charlie Company 2-135 IN to the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. Growing up in a small town in Northwest Indiana, Spc. Vargas graduated from Calumet Baptist High School, then studied at both ITT Technical Institute and Northwest Indiana School of Theology.

He joined the National Guard to fulfill his desire to serve his country. “I was raised to always show respect to men and women in uniform,” said Vargas. “My father taught me to always go out of my way to shake the hands of service members and police officers. I still do this today.”

Spc. Vargas received a $500 grant from MMAF last summer on Target Field. The money was put towards his vehicle.

He commented on how good it felt to be appreciated by MMAF. “I’m very appreciative of everyone who supports MMAF. I hope to one day shake hands with all the great people who made this grant possible. Until that day comes, I want you all to know that I say thank you from the bottom of my heart!”