Captain Michael Lovas

By mmaf_admin

Captain Michael Lovas enlisted in the Minnesota Army National Guard in 2004, challenging himself to graduate from basic training. He accomplished this and decided he wanted another challenge, choosing to complete Officer Candidate School, to lead soldiers. Years later he would lead a company of soldiers overseas on a deployment to Kuwait, and return them home safely.

“The knowledge I was entrusted by this nation to care for and lead its greatest resource – its sons and daughters – was an inspiration in and of itself. And that trust and knowledge inspires me to keep going,” said CPT Lovas.

CPT Lovas deployed to Kuwait from 2011 to 2012 during the drawdown of forces in Iraq, where he served as Assistant Operations Officer, Battalion Engineer Officer and Battalion Public Affairs Officer, with 1-194 CAB. He deployed again to Kuwait from 2015 to 2016 as Commander of the HHC 682nd Engineer Battalion.

On his second deployment, CPT Lovas had a very special opportunity outside of his military duties to organize a hockey tournament and play real ice hockey with the Kuwait National Hockey Team. This first ever event featured 3 U.S. teams and the Kuwait National team, and was attended by members of the royal family, embassy personnel and many other dignitaries. The game was broadcast throughout Kuwait and across the world online.

CPT Lovas received a $500 grant for his service. He would like to thank those who donated to MMAF to make his grant possible. He also remarked, “What means more than the dollars is knowing I have support in the community, and that my time away from home and family mattered.”

CPT Lovas resides in Maple Grove, Minnesota with his wife and three children. They are expecting their fourth child in February.