Supplemental Grant Application

Click Here for Supplemental Grant Application

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Minnesota Resident prior to deployment or Non-MN resident
    as stated below
  2. Served in a designated Combat Zone and received Hostile Fire Pay after September 11, 2001

If you have received a Purple Heart grant for $2,000, you are eligible for a supplementary grant based on your Medical Rating.

*If you have not received your final medical rating or believe your medical rating will increase, we advise waiting to apply until the rating is final. 


Please fill out the attached form (top of page),  print, and Mail to the address below. Along with this signed form, we need the following items:

Application Process:

  1. Send in a signed copy of the  grant application (top of page).
  2. Send in a copy of the first page of your VA or military medical rating, documenting the Overall Rating.

Please send these materials to:
Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund
P.O. Box 2070 Minneapolis MN 55402